Thursday, December 9, 2010

UST vs AdU UAAP 73 120810 Women's Volleyball

Guys, let us thank LestatQuincey for a job well done in uploading the game between UST and Adamson. Let us subscribe to his/her account. All videos are courtesy of the great LestatQuincey. You may search his/her profile in youtube. Just search for "LestatQuincey"

Set 1 Part 1

Set 1 Part 2

Set 1 Part 3

Set 2 Part 1

Set 2 Part 2

Set 3 Part 1

Set 3 Part 2

Set 4 Part 1

Set 4 Part 2

Guys, sorry sa poor recording...hindi po kay Lestat ang video na ito. :) Pati kasi ang commercial nasama sa video na ito

Set 5


  1. Bakit walang set 5?

  2. meron na pong 5 set, poor copy nga lang.

  3. thank you for your efforts mykee, pls continue :)

  4. for the love of the game Volleyball, i will do what i can to promote it. :D

  5. ust po ang nanalo dito sa game na ito.